CN8001BR Rite Edge BONE Handle Stainless Blade Lockback Leather Sheath

Couteaux Rite Edge
Couteau Rite Edge BONE Manche Os Lame Acier Inox Lockback Etui Cuir

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A classic American designed folding knife. Grab yourself a tough, everyday carry knife that's ready for work. Lockback knives aren't just popular, they're the workhorses of the knife world. No other tool perfectly balances portability, convenience, and strength.

Built Tough. It's a good quality folder with lots of character, you'll be proud to carry it around on a daily basis. Custom designed for Hunter's and survivalist's.

You pull the blade open and it will lock in place when fully open. Then to unlock the blade, you press down on the silver ridge part on the back end of the spine, and then fold the blade back in. The benefits of a lockback include reliable strength and safety.

The blade is stainless steel, it's plain edged and razor sharp. To open there's a finger nail nick groove.

The handle is beautifully polished, real animal bone with a red wood inlay in the center of the front steel bolster. Rounding out the design are brass liners and brass pins. Designed to feel comfortable and natural in the hand. Even in different conditions, you'll feel confident that the knife will stay firmly within your grasp.

A quick note about the bone, for those not familiar with bone items. The color shades and patterns vary a bit from one to another, no two are exactly the same. Will vary a bit from the one I took the pictures of. See the last picture, for a bunch of different ones to get a good idea.

Included with the knife is a genuine leather sheath with a secure button snap closure. For carrying on the back there's a belt loop.

Brand new and comes in the box shown..


Open Length: 17.78cm
Blade Length: 7.62cm
Blade Thickness: 3.17mm
Handle/Closed: 10.16cm
Handle Thickness: 1.27cm
Weight (Knife): 5.5 oz
Sheath: 12.70cm
Sheath Weight: 1.5 oz
Belt Loop: 5.08cm

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CN8001BR Rite Edge BONE Handle Stainless Blade Lockback Leather Sheath
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