TPKAGE01 TOPS CUMA KAGE 1095 Carbon Blade Tan Micarta Handle Kydex Sheath Made USA

Couteaux Tops Knives - USA
Sabre TOPS CUMA KAGE Lame Acier Carbone 1095 Manche Tan Micarta Kydex Made USA

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The KAGE (Pronounced KU-MA KA-GAY), means "Shadow" in Japanese. The name is drawn from one of the designer's lifelong passions, GI JOE: the Arashikage (Storm Shadow) Clan.

SIJO Waysun Johnny Tsai is a lifelong martial artist and world-renowned self-defense instructor. Riding off the success of his wildly popular TOPS Knives release, the C.U.M.A. TAK-RI, and its connection to the GI JOE Ninja Commando Snake Eyes, Sijo wanted to create something that he has sought after since his childhood, a functional Snake Eyes Sword.

Wanting to show influence, but not wanting to make an identical sword to the comics, Sijo drew the sword to his favorite Escrima stick length, 24". Through years of training Sijo has found that 24" is a perfect length for close range combat with an edged weapon or stick.

He then changed the tip and added a striking Punyo tip to the handle. Sijo didn't just want a short tactical sword, he wanted to create a bush sword that could replace an axe, one that could fell a tree as well as remove an enemy's limb in combat. Once satisfied with his initial hand drawings, he sent the sketches to his good friend Roland III of FOX KNIVES USA fame to transfer the hand sketch to a digital format.

Once the artwork was complete, Sijo landed back with his family at TOPS KNIVES. Over the next two years, Sijo and TOPS created a prototype and at the suggestion of Leo Espinoza and Craig Powell, TOPS added some fullers and holes to the handle to lighten the weight of the sword, Outside of the new fullers and holes in the handle, the sword's CAD file was created from the original hand and digital drawings provided by Waysun Johnny Tsai and Roland Hinojosa III.

During the prototype stage, IDW comic book / GI Joe artist Robert Atkins agreed to upgrade the official Snake Eye's sword in the comic book with The C.U.M.A. KAGE. That story arc written by GI JOE legend Larry Hama, is GI JOE: SNAKE HUNT and runs in GI JOE: A Real American Hero issues numbered 266-276.

The C.U.M.A. KAGE is finally here and Sijo could not be prouder of the final product that TOPS KNIVES has delivered.


Blade Length: 39.37cm
Cutting Edge: 39.37cm
Handle Length: 19.98cm
Overall Length: 60.32cm
Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness: 6.35mm
Blade Hardness: 56-58HRC
Blade Style: Sword
Blade Grind: Flat
Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating
Handle Material: Tan/Black Canvas Micarta
Handle Thickness: 2.28cm
Sheath Material: Black Kydex with Dangler
Weight: 35.5 oz.
Designer: Wayson Johnny Tsai
Made in the USA

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TPKAGE01 TOPS CUMA KAGE 1095 Carbon Blade Tan Micarta Handle Kydex Sheath Made USA
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