VOSA3301 Vosteed Acorn Blue Micarta 14C28N Black Blade Linerlock Clip IKBS

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Couteau Vosteed Acorn Blue Manche Micarta Lame Acier 14C28N Linerlock Clip IKBS

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Ergonomic Handle
The Acorn knife features an ergonomic handle, carefully designed with well-chamfered edges to ensure a comfortable and natural grip. Our team of engineers and designers studied hand anatomy and user preferences to create a handle that feels like an extension of your hand. This thoughtful design reduces fatigue, allowing for extended use without discomfort.
Quality Materials
Crafted with Sandvik 14C28N blade steel, the Acorn offers excellent edge retention and toughness, keeping the blade razor-sharp with minimal maintenance. The micarta handle provides an optimal balance between durability and a comfortable grip. The carefully contoured shape, combined with the choice of micarta material for the handle, creates a secure grip that minimizes the risk of slippage, even in wet conditions.
Enhanced Grip
Strategically placed jimpings on the blade spine, liner, and rear end of the handle enhance control during detailed cutting tasks, minimizing the risk of accidental slips. Our designers carefully considered the various hand positions users might employ while using the Acorn knife, leading to the thoughtful placement of these textured grooves. The jimpings on the blade spine provide enhanced control and a secure resting spot for your thumb when performing precise tasks, such as whittling or detailed carving. The jimpings on the liner offer an additional grip point when you disengage the knife, further improving control and reducing the risk of slippage. Finally, the jimpings at the rear end of the handle ensure a secure grip when applying force or manipulating the knife in different angles.
Sleek and Eye-catching Design
Our designers took inspiration from the ball-bearing system and incorporated it into the visible pivot screw, creating a unique and visually appealing feature that sets the Acorn apart from other everyday carry knives. The pivot screw's design not only adds an element of intrigue but also highlights the attention to detail that went into the Acorn's creation.
Outstanding Performance
Equipped with a ball-bearing system and a liner lock, the Acorn boasts exceptional snappy action, making it easy to open with either the thumb hole or front flipper. The ball-bearing system ensures smooth and swift blade deployment, providing quick access when needed.
The liner lock mechanism not only secures the blade in the open position but also allows for easy one-handed closing. These features work together to create a knife that is both easy to use and highly functional.
The Acorn's compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal everyday carry knife.  Whether you're opening packages, slicing through materials, or handling more demanding jobs, the Acorn is powerful enough to tackle any task with ease.
Model Number: A3303
Blade Length: 7.45cm
Overall Length: 17.57cm
Blade Width: 3.05cm
Blade Thickness: 3.00 mm
Blade Material: 14C28N
Blade Grind: Flat
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Hardness: HRC 60±2
Handle Length: 10.12cm
Handle Width: 3.14cm
Handle Thickness: 1.20cm
Handle Material: Micarta
Color: Blue
Weight: 89.00 grs
Opener: Thumb Hole
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Pivot Assembly: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing
Pocket Clip: Reversible | Stainless Steel
Carry Position: Tip-up
Knife Type: Manual Folding
Designer: Yue

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VOSA3301 Vosteed Acorn Blue Micarta 14C28N Black Blade Linerlock Clip IKBS
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